Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Peer Review 1

Peer Review 1
Article Citation
Integration of beach hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling in a GIS environment
Ana Maria Almeida Nobre Silva & Rui Pires Matos Taborda

This article discusses model tool created for ArcGIS called BeachMM.  BeachMM uses two existing tools, SWAN and XBeach, and brings their outputs into ArcGIS using Python to model beach morphodynamics.  SWAN predicts wave patterns given a variety of conditions.  XBeach models costal responses to hurricanes and storms over time.  BeachMM was made using Python within ArcGIS.  Data for SWAN and XBeach are inputted directly into ArcGIS then BeachMM sends the data to the two programs.  The results from the two programs are then changed into a format the ArcGIS can use.  There is also a show help button on the input screens.  The individual steps in the model along with the final result are saved for verification purposes.  BeachMM was tested using Norte beach on the Portuguese west coast.

Overall I found this article to be very interesting. The order in which the information is laid out is logical such as describing the two input tools before BeachMM. The flow charts of how the model works are very helpful in understanding the model worked with ArcGIS and the other two programs.  The picture of the beach describing what was going on was nice for people with less experience with beach modeling. Explaining how using these tools limit errors was useful.

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